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While embossing raises the surface of materials, debossing works in reverse. It pushes the surfaces of the material inward via a heat,time, and pressure process. Debossing enhances the appearance of your products by adding 3-D depth.

Canyon Outback’s professional debossing is, without question, unmatched in the industry. Professional debossers stamp logos that you will be proud of.These logos will be deep, dark and detailed. They will also last a lifetime.

When you buy products from Aggie Leather Goods,there will be no extra charge to get the logo debossed on your product.


If you order products with your own logo or personalization, there will be a small one-time charge to set up the logo for debossing.


Canyon Outback skins are 100% drum dyed full grain "Bevo" cowhide. Products may be ordered debossed with A&M logo or plain. We also can deboss for other universities but special order restrictions apply. Color choices are Black, Brown,Brick Red, and Distressed Clay. Maroon Color is special order. Debossing is considered a special order and takes 10-14 working days. Be assured that the finished product is worth the wait.