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The skins used to make our products are 100% drum dyed top grain cowhide. This drum dying process is essential to the leather quality. The skins are then put through a butter-soft buffing process. This process is what gives Canyon Outback products their unique “hand,” or feel to the touch. We at Aggie Leather Goods are delighted to be able to offer such luxurious leather products. These products are so soft and supple you could use them for a pillow.


The product above is shown in Maroon Color

Most products come in a choice of four standard colors:

We can special order additional colors,such as Maroon, but those orders must be placed well in advance of the date needed. We can only order Maroon leather a few times per year.

Brown leather is an excellent choice for Aggie products, as it has a hint of maroon in the leather.

Distressed Clay looks very much like burnt orange.




Brick Red


Distressed Clay






Canyon Outback skins are 100% drum dyed full grain "Bevo" cowhide. Products may be ordered debossed with A&M logo or plain. We also can deboss for other universities but special order restrictions apply. Color choices are Black, Brown,Brick Red, and Distressed Clay. Maroon Color is special order. Debossing is considered a special order and takes 10-14 working days. Be assured that the finished product is worth the wait.